World Language Exchange Program

Cary Academy proudly features an international exchange program for all sophomores as part of the school's world language curriculum. This exchange program is designed not only to accelerate the development of second language skills of Cary Academy students by providing natural and immediately relevant context for their use of the target language, but also to foster the personal growth of our students by broadening their perspective and world vision.

The Cary Academy exchange program is based upon reciprocal partnerships between our school and schools in Argentina, Chile, China, France and Germany. Cary Academy students have the opportunity to spend 14-18 days abroad--visiting a host school, attending classes, living with a host family, and experiencing daily life in the host community. In return, Cary Academy students and their families host groups of students from our partner schools for a home-stay experience in our own community.

The home-stay format is widely acknowledged to be the best model for educational travel abroad because it challenges students to move beyond passive observation of the target culture as experienced through tourism to active participation in the target culture. By living with a host family, students come to see the world not only through their own cultural lens, but also through the cultural lens of the country that they are visiting. The result is a far broader perspective than could ever be achieved by touring alone.

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