Who We Are

Who's in the PTAA? All of us -- every parent or guardian of a CA student, as well as every administrator, faculty and staff member. The PTAA Board of Directors we elect is assisted by Committee Chairs and Grade-Level Representatives, as documented in the PTAA Bylaws.

PTAA Board of Directors 2016-2017

PTAA Board 2016-17 Email Phone
President Sandy Wood sandytwood@nc.rr.com


VP/President Elect Trude Bate tbate888@gmail.com 919-760-3680
Immediate Past President Nicole Spector nic.spector@gmail.com
Secretary Bonnie Reed BonnieReed@nc.rr.com
Treasurer Karen Crow kmcrownc@gmail.com

Asst Treasurer Johnathon Kadis


MS Rep 1 Helen Lupton-Smith hasls@aol.com
MS Rep 2 Parul Shah parulshah70@gmail.com
US Rep 1 Amy Jones amystuartjones@gmail.com
US Rep 2 Andrea Owens-Byrd 2flybyrds@gmail.com
Funding/Derby Party- Style Leah Tyler leah.goodnight@theumstead.com
Funding/Derby 5K Trude Bate tbate888@gmail.com 919-760-3680
Facualty Representative Katy Allen katy_allen@caryacademy.org
Facualty Representative Allison McCoppin allison_mccoppin@caryacademy.org
Administration Rep Chris Gilmore chris_gilmore@caryacademy.org 919-228-4611

Committee Chair 2016-17 Email Phone
Arts Hospitality Stephanie Henderson slhenderson@nc.rr.com
Arts Hospitality Kim Meymandi kmeymandi@icloud.com
Arts Hospitality Joy Jenkins tardisjoy@gmail.com
Book Fair Elisabeth McMahon elizabethmcmahon@gmail.com
Book Fair Artemis Newman artemisnewman@bellsouth.net
Charger Club Scott Tunley sjtunley@gmail.com
Charger Club Cindy Mason tooney.mason488@gmail.com
Communications Lisa Kadis lfk@me.com
Community Health & Wellness Debra Stephens debra@stephens37.net
Cultural Arts Lisa Todd casatodd@nc.rr.com
Cultural Arts Julie Morris mjlmorris@gmail.com
Diversity Donnell Mitchell Sr. Donnell@nc.rr.com
Diversity Josette Holland josette.huntress.holland@gmail.com
Diversity Nancy Astrike nancy.astrike@nc.gov
Employee Appreciation Alia Farris alia.farris@gmail.com
Employee Appreciation Karla LaSasso k4karla@gmail.com
Fun Fest Penelope Kopf penelopekopf@bellsouth.net
Fun Fest Audra Swartz almlswartz@aol.com
Fun Fest Amy Deitrich amybdietrich@gmail.com
Interview Skills Rod Frankel rodf@frankelstaffing.com
Interview Skills Kristin Murphy kristin.murphy@att.net
New Parent Programs Jennifer Ferris jbferris@gmail.com
New Parent Programs Helen Harris hgharris_hoo@yahoo.com
New Parent Programs Gina Flynn ginaflynn@nc.rr.com
Nominating Kimberly Logel thelogels@gmail.com
Photography Lisa Kadis lfk@me.com

Grade Level Coordinators 2016-17 Email Phone
6th grade Jen Newnam jjnewnam@gmail.com
Sevanne Epperson mandie33@gmail.com
Heidi Sandreuter hsandreuter@nc.rr.com
7th grade Becky Ward bandzward@gmail.com
Katie Bricio katiebricio13@gmail.com
Toni Haddix tghaddix@gmail.com
8th grade Genevieve Rockett g.rockett44@gmail.com
Sheila George sheelageorge.us@gmail.com
Jill Wilson jillwilson@nc.rr.com
9th grade Robin Dorfman rmzdorfman@gmail.com
Suzanne Norfleet snorfleet@msn.com
Anja Lathan alathan@eil.com
10th grade Barbara Timinskas timinskas@yahoo.com
Marnelle Uys marnelleuys@gmail.com
Nancy Bloebaum nbloebaum@nc.rr.com
Patty Hugus rdhugus@msn.com
11th grade Liisa Trent lhtrent@gmail.com
Dori McDarris dorimcd@hotmail.com
Marcia Stephenson Stephenson_fam5@nc.rr.com
12th grade DeAnnah Baker deannahb@nc.rr.com
Cara Harman caraharman@nc.rr.com
Lisa Glosson lisa.glosson@gmail.com
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