Charger Trails

The Charger Trails program is designed to equip Cary Academy middle school students with social and emotional life skills which foster individual well-being and promote a healthy community.  At each grade level, life-enhancing themes are explored throughout the school year that address developmentally appropriate needs and concerns.  This curriculum embraces respect for self, others, and the environment as we empower students to become confident, contributing members of their community.  We believe that a complete education encompasses not only academic disciplines, but also an expanded awareness of self, social interactions and the world.                 

Charger Trails themes are addressed at each grade level through a variety of activities designed and coordinated by faculty.  Instruction includes such options as guest presenters, videos, discussion groups, role-playing opportunities, games, reflective writing, or any other variety of presentations and experiences which help students move toward greater insight, awareness, and personal responsibility.   

Current themes are listed below.  These may vary according to student needs.

6th Grade: Yearly Theme: Community

Friendships, Old and New
Computer Use and Safety
Bully Busters
Self-Advocacy and Support
Life Balance and Personal Choices

7th Grade: Yearly Theme: Collaboration

Group Work, Team Work and Community Work
Individual Reflections on Life Experiences
Personal Growth - Social, Emotional and Academic
Community Awareness and Outreach (Hunger Theme)

8th Grade: Yearly Theme: Leadership

Acting with Integrity
Respectful Relationships
Computer Ethics
Identity and Self-Esteem
Appreciation of Life, Others, Resources & Environment
Healthy Sexuality (a two-week unit taught in conjunction with Science 8)

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