German students excel
Posted 05/17/2018 01:28PM

The following students earned the following top honors on the 2018 National German Exam, administered by the American Association of Teachers of German. Prize levels are based upon the national percentile ranking on the exam, and students received certificates and medals from the national AATG office for their performance.  

Gold Medals: 

  • Tommy Frank 
  • Ryan Chen 
  • Addie Esposito 
  • Teo Feliu Merce 
  • Constantin Zodl 
  • David Go 
  • Hunter Moore 
  • Koa Kaliebe 
  • Kyle Murphy 
  • Finn Kerns 
  • Max Feliu Merce 
  • Hope Ferris 
  • Christian Sodano 
  • Leo deSouza 
  • Olivia Frazier
  • Sheridan Page
  • Obinna Modilim

Silver Medals: 

  • Claire Ferris 
  • Parker Perkins 
  • Matthew Schaeffer 
  • Dorrit Eisenbeis  
  • Athina Zodl 
  • Lindsay Callahan 
  • Luke Wilson 

Bronze Medals: 

  • Hannah George 
  • Jono Jenkens 
  • Sara Martin 
  • Eva Hammer 
  • Xavier deSouza 
  • Matthew Crow 
  • Raiden Mason 
  • Meredith Fowler 
  • Olivia Halferty 
  • Dunning Hill 
  • Ceren Iz 

Bundesliga total!

The Goethe Institut in San Fransisco sponsors a contest each year on the topic of the German National Soccer League, the Bundesliga. Students must watch a soccer game clip each month and answer listening comprehension questions and also make predictions for the series of Bundesliga games occurring on the following weekend. Last year was our first participating, and we may have landed in last place in the Southeast Region (due to our predictions, not our listening comprehension!). But this year we finished in the top 5 in the Southeast Region, which qualified us for the "Champions League" play. We finished in 4th place overall nationally, and were awarded the lovely Bayern-München tricot that Christian is modeling in the photo below. We are excited to compete again next year!


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